2 Killed In Firing by Assam Police; Watch


When asked what action will be pursued against the officers in the viral video, Assam Special DGP G P Singh stated, “Police would take action wherever there were violations of SOPs and procedures.”

By Vaishali Pandey/ The Newster

Assam Police during a bloodied clash

Two civilians were reportedly killed in Assam when an anti-encroachment drive in Darrang district ended up into a bloodied clash between the local police and the protestors.

Police personnel in riot gear and weaponed with advance guns and batons attacked including a hired cameraman altogether attacked protestors. However, Police stooped the cameraman from attacking the seemingly a dead man.

The photographer hired by the district administration to record the government eviction campaign, jumps on the protestor, stomps on him, punches him, and then jumps on him time anf again was arrested by the police.

The protestor had stopped moving by the time Bania finishes. DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta said late Thursday that Bania had been detained and his case had been handed over to the CID. Police were yet to establish the protester’s identity or health as of midnight.

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When asked what action will be done against the officers in the video, Assam Special DGP G P Singh stated, “Wherever there were violations of SOPs and protocols, police will take action.”

“The only thing I can say is that having seen the video, we will take action against him (Bania)… no questions asked,” he continued.

Assam Police Blame Protestor

According to a top police official, the man in the video had attacked two police officers, one of whom was seriously injured and is currently being treated at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital.

Photographer Seen In The Video Is Arrested

The video, which initially went viral on social media and was confirmed by Singh as of the Dholpur 3 eviction drive on Thursday, shows police officers firing into a bush where some protesters appear to be hiding. The protester with a lathi then attacks them.

Bania takes over as soon as the cops took a step back.

The district administration had employed Bania as a photographer to document government eviction plans. He is a native of the Darrang district in his early 30s.

Announcing the information about photographer Bania’s arrest on Twitter, DGP Mahanta tweeted, “Currently in Sipajhar, taking stock of the ground situation. The cameraman who was seen attacking an injured man in a viral video has been arrested.”

He further added that the case has been handed over to the CID as per the wishes of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, and Bania was in CID custody.

Opposition Attacks This Incident Calling It State-Sponsored

“Terror Force of fascist, communal, & bigoted Govt shooting at its own citizens,” AIUDF MLA Ashraful Hussain tweeted after seeing the footage.

He further questions the presence of the phtographer, “Also, who is the person with camera? Someone from our ‘Great Media’ orgs? The appeal of these villagers, against eviction, is pending in the High Court. Couldn’t the Govt wait till court order?”

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