52 Arrested in Pakistan Temple Desecration Case under Terrorism Act

Lunatic Fringe Vandalising Temple

Pakistan’s Punjab Police has arrested 52 people in relation to the Bhong temple demolition.

According to the news published in the Dawn, District Police Officer said that more than 150 people were wanted in the demolition case. 52 people have been arrested as of now and search operations are still going on to arrest the remaining culprits.

The police are taking help from the videos circulated on social media pertaining to temple demolition.

Prime Minister of Pakistan has condemned the attack and asked the authority to apprehend the culprits and taka action against any police negligence.

Meanwhile Pakistan Supreme Court took Suo moto notice of the incident and reprimanded the Punjab police for their failure to stop the temple demolition.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan summoned the chief secretary and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani before the court and asked, “The temple was attacked. What were the administration and the police doing?”

“The administration’s priority was to protect 70 Hindu homes around the temple,” Ghani responded. He also informed the court that terrorism clauses had been added in the FIR.

The CJP said that the incident tarnished Pakistan’s image at international level. He also said that “If the commissioner, deputy commissioner and the DPO can’t perform, then they should be removed.”

Showing his utmost exasperation over the matter the CJP said, “(A) Hindu temple was demolished. Think [about] what they must have felt. Imagine what would have been the reaction of Muslims, had a mosque been demolished.”

The demolition took place on Wednesday, when hundreds of people wielding rods vandalised the temple after a 9-year-old Hindu boy, who allegedly urinated in a mosque.

According to the various reports, the restoration work is underway. The expenses for the restoration will be charged from the culprits.

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