Afghan Journalists Brutally Thrashed by Taliban For Covering Protests


Two Afghan journalists Nematullah Naqdi and Taqi Daryabi, who both work for Etilaat Roz, were brutally beaten by the Taliban.

By Prabha Joshi/The Newster

Afghan Journalists Thrashed by Taliban (Pic: Twitter)

Since after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, multiple reports are coming out that proves that situation is getting worsened and especially for women and journalists.

Although Taliban had promised of a peaceful government, yet reports are not proving that. Another incident of brutality by Taliban is reported where two Afghan journalists are coming out brutally beaten by Taliban for covering protests.

What is the issue?

It is since when the Taliban captured Afghanistan, protests are going on against their regime. Two Afghan journalists Nematullah Naqdi and Taqi Daryabi, who both work for Etilaat Roz (Information Daily), were covering the protests of women fighting for their education and working rights in front of the police station in Kabul. When Taliban saw them capturing the protest site, they asked journalists to stop filming. They tried to snatch their cameras but failed as Nematullah handed it to someone in the crowd. They took journalists to the police station where they were beaten with batons, electrical cables and whips.

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“One of the Taliban put his foot on my head, crushed my face against the concrete. They kicked me in the head… I thought they were going to kill me,” photographer Nematullah Naqdi told AFP.

The other journalists were also arrested and their phones were confiscated. According to Nematullah, when they questioned Taliban officials that why they are being beaten up, the armed forces said, “You are lucky you weren’t beheaded.”

Nematullah was then taken to the crowded cell when he noticed his friend Taqi also been beaten and arrested. In words of Taqi, “We were in so much pain that we couldn’t move.”

a twitter user posted a video of Afghan journalist

Few hours later the journalists were released unexplained by the Taliban. Although Taliban regime claimed for press freedom yet the ground reports are not proving it. Conditions and treatment are worst for press and journalists in Afghanistan. This is not the first case, since the Taliban have captured Afghanistan in mid August, journalists have reportedly being beaten, detained or prevented from covering the protests going on in the capital.

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