After Kabul, Distressing Footage Shows Thousands Of Afghans Waiting At Spin Boldak Border


Recently viral video shows thousands of Afghans queue outside the gates of the Spin Boldak border that joins Afghanistan with Pakistan.

By Vaishali Pandey/The Newster

Afghans at the Spin Boldak border 

The heartbreaking images from outside Kabul airport have become the defining image of the Afghanistan crisis as it has unfolded in recent weeks. Afghanistan has been a hub of reports of atrocities and chaos since the Taliban tookover the country.

Thousands of Afghans queue outside the gates of the Spin Boldak border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in a recent video. The scenes resemble those we’ve seen in Kabul. According to sources, huge crowds are attempting to cross the border in sweltering conditions that have been characterised as “worse” than those at Kabul airport.

The Situation Outside Kabul Is Far Worse than Kabul Airport

The freelance journalist Natiq Malikzada from Afghanistan shared the video on Twitter from the Spin Boldok border by captioning it, “this is not #Kabulairport, this is Spin Boldak border where thousands of people wants to flee Afghanistan to Pakistan. The situation here is far worse than the situation at #KabulAirport but because there are no foreign forces here, it has not been covered by the media.”

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Thousands of desperate Afghans attempting to flee the Taliban government have flooded to Afghanistan’s international border sites, including that with Pakistan.

Tens of thousands of people can be seen squatting on Afghanistan’s side of the Spin Boldak border, waiting to leave the war-torn nation.

Distressing situations emerge as a result of the UK’s defence secretary remarks on giving asylum to Afghans

It comes after UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said yesterday that Afghans who are eligible for asylum in the United Kingdom and desire to go to the UK should fly to a third nation rather than attempting to catch an aircraft at Kabul airport.

The United Kingdom pledges to resettle up to 20,000 Afghan refugees. That’s why Many Afghans, however, are too afraid to wait, resulting in increasing desperation are crowding at the country’s borders in the hope to leave country.

Following the Taliban’s capture of Kabul on August 15, photos emerged of Afghans rushing to the Kabul airport to board an aircraft to leave the country. On August 16, some soldiers were spotted clinging to the wheels of a US Air Force plane, with the majority of them falling to their deaths from the skies.

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