Allahabad HC Seeks Reply from UP Govt Over Funding of Religious Institutions


The Allahabad HC recently agreed to address the problems relating to state funding of religious educational institutions such as Madrasas.

By Vaishali Pandey/The Newster

Allahabad HC & Yogi (Pic: Swarajya)

The Allahabad High Court has asked the Uttar Pradesh government for information on the funding of religious institutions such as madrasas that it recognizes and assists.

The HC also wanted to know whether the government’s policy of providing financial assistance to such institutions is in line with the Constitution’s secular framework or not?

Hearing a writ brought by Madrasa Anjuman Islamia Faizul Uloom and others, requesting the establishment of extra teaching positions due to an increase in the number of students, Justice Ajay Bhanot ordered the state government to file a counter affidavit within four weeks and set October 6 as the next hearing date.

The petitioner further questioned the Uttar Pradesh government’s judgement to reject the representation/application for the establishment of new posts.

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The court ordered the state government to submit the syllabi/courses, conditions, and criteria of recognition, as well as the necessity for playgrounds at madrasas and other religious institutions recognised or assisted by the state government, to the court.

HC Questions Discrimination With Female Students In Religious Institutions

The court inquired whether other religious minorities receive government support for theological schools, as well as whether there is a prohibition against women applying as students in religious schools, and if so, whether such a restriction is a form of discrimination forbidden by the Constitution of India.

The state government must also provide the names and addresses of several other boards of education with institutions that provide theological education to people of different religious groups in its affidavit.

HC Ask About Secular Framework Of The State Government’s Policy On Religious Institutions

The court ordered the state to respond to the question, whether the state government’s policy of providing financial help to religious education institutions is consistent with the Constitution’s framework, particularly in light of the term “secular” in the Preamble.

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