American Journalist Killed by Russian Forces in Ukraine


A 50-year-old American journalist was killed another was injured when Russian soldiers opened fire at their vehicle.

American Journalist Killed by Russian Forces in Ukraine
American Journalist Killed by Russian Forces in Ukraine

An American journalist was murdered and another was injured by Russian forces in the town of Irpin, outside of Kyiv, as they were travelling to cover refugees, as per Ukrainian authorities, 

According to Andriy Nebytov, the chief of Kyiv’s regional police unit, Brent Renaud, a 50-year-old filmmaker was killed when Russian soldiers opened fire at their vehicle. On Facebook, Nebytov shared a gruesome photo of Renaud’s body, as well as photos of his American passport and media credentials from The New York Times.

Renaud was “a skilled filmmaker who has contributed to The New York Times throughout the years,” most recently in 2015, according to a NYT official, but he “was not on assignment for any desk at the time in Ukraine.”

According to local sources and a video uploaded by a spokeswoman for a public hospital in Kyiv, documentary filmmaker Juan Arredondo, who is also from the United States, was hurt in the incident. Arredondo, who was laying on a hospital stretcher, claimed he and Renaud were filming people leaving Kyiv when they came under fire at a roadblock.

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“Someone offered to drive us to the other bridge, and as we passed through a checkpoint, they began firing at us. So, the driver turned around, and the two of us started shooting. Brent Renaud is a friend of mine who was shot and left behind”, Arredondo said. “I watched him being shot in the neck, and we separated off, and I was dragged away”, he added.

Renaud’s murder was “shocking and horrifying,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said. He further added in a tv news programme, ‘Face the Nation’ that the US and its partners will impose “appropriate consequences” upon Russia for the murder.

Sullivan added, “I will just say that this is part and parcel of what has been a brazen aggression on the part of the Russians where they have targeted civilians, they have targeted hospitals, they have targeted places of worship and they have targeted journalists”. 

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