Amritpal Singh: Who is He & What Does He Want?

Who is Amritpal Singh
Who is Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh Sandhu is a self-proclaimed extreme Indian Khalistani separatist activist from the Indian state of Punjab. He leads the Waris Punjab De organisation, which campaigns for a separate Sikh nation. He is also a devotee of the dead pro-Khalistan militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and is now referred to in Punjab as “Bhindranwale 2.0.”
Amritpal Singh was born on January 18, 1993 in the hamlet of Jallupur Khera, Baba Bakala tehsil, Amritsar district, Baba Bakala tehsil. Before relocating to Dubai for employment in 2012, he reportedly completed studies to the plus-two level. He worked in the transportation industry in Dubai until 2022, when he returned to take over Waris Punjab De.
Deep Sidhu, an actor and activist who died in a car accident in February of last year, created the organisation Waris Punjab De. Last year, Deep Sidhu rose to prominence after he was arrested for violence during farmer demonstrations on Republic Day. In addition, he was suspected of having ties to pro-Khalistan organisations and inciting farmers against the government.

After Sidhu’s death, Amritpal Singh became the leader of Waris Punjab De and maintained his legacy of extremism and conflict. He has been engaged in several conflicts with the police and other organisations over a variety of problems, including religious symbols, property rights, the drug scourge, water disputes, and governmental corruption.
Moreover, he has been accused of encouraging violence and hate speech against other groups, as well as distributing disinformation and propaganda through social media platforms. Young Sikhs who are disillusioned with conventional politics and desire a resurrection of Sikh identity and pride support him in big numbers.
He asserts that he is fighting for the rights and dignity of Sikhs and Punjab, but his detractors accuse him of using their emotions to forward his own agenda and goals. Moreover, they worry that his acts may threaten the peace and unity of Punjab and India.
Amritpal Singh is now charged with many offences under different sections of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC), including sedition, rioting, illegal assembly, criminal intimidation, assault on public officers, etc. He is also on the radar of different intelligence services, who fear he has ties to Khalistani groups headquartered abroad.
In spite of legal problems and resistance from numerous places, he remains stubborn and unrepentant about his opinions and actions. He pledges to fight until he accomplishes his aim of Khalistan or dies trying.

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