AMU Anti-CAA Protest: Allahabad HC Rejects Students’ Pleas Against Police Action

Anti-CAA Protest: Allahabad HC Rejects AMU Students' Pleas Against Police Action
Anti-CAA Protest: Allahabad HC Rejects AMU Students' Pleas Against Police Action
AMU: Allahabad HC has dismissed pleas filed by the AMU students pertaning to the police brutality on AMU campus during anti-CAA protests.

AMU: The Allahabad High Court has rejected the pleas filed by the Aligarh Muslim University students pertaining to the police brutality on the AMU campus during anti-CAA protests in December 2019

The court noted that students enroll in universities or other educational institutions with the intention of getting an education, not to engage in acts that defame prestigious educational institutions.

In order to prevent students from being influenced by outsiders, the court ordered the administration of AMU to set up a system for improved communication with the student fraternity. It argued that lines of contact with students should constantly be kept open.
However, “Equal responsibility is also of the students that they do not fall in the trap of unscrupulous persons operating outside the University to disturb peace there. Educational Institutions have to maintain discipline. The students take admissions in Universities or any educational Institution for the purpose of education and not indulge in these kind of activities, which brings bad name to the great educational Institutions”, the court observed according to the Bar and Bench.

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The case relates to a protest at AMU on December 15, 2019, during which the petitioners said that students were protesting peacefully until they were provoked by the police and were lathi-charged subsequently.

The HC had ordered the NHRC to launch an investigation into the situation in January 2020. Both the accusations made by the students and the police behavior were ordered to be investigated.

According to the court order, a copy of which is with The Newster, the rejection of pleas followed consideration of the NHRC report, which had condemned both the police and students’ actions. It also included a number of suggestions for the institution and the state.

The court also ordered the paramilitary forces to “show utmost professionalism” in dealing with such situations.

“Nothing in the petitions survives. “Dismissed,” the court ruled.

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