AMU Mourns Demise of Prof Abha Lakshmi

AMU Mourns Demise of Prof Abha Lakshmi

Renowned geographer Prof. Abha Lakshmi Singh of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) passed away, leaving the university community in mourning and loss after a brief illness.

“I offer my deepest sympathies to Prof. Abha’s family, friends, and students. She was the best, unmatched, and inspirational. We were fortunate to have her in our life. The utmost admiration will always be held for Prof. Abha,  AMU Vice Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor said.

The chairman of the geography department, Prof. Syed Naushad Ahmad, read the condolence resolution and expressed his sorrow for the unfortunate loss.

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“The faculty members, former colleagues, and students of Prof Abha express a profound grief on her sad demise and hope that All Mighty will provide her bereaved family with strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss,” Mr Naushad said.

Who is Abha Lakshmi?

During her teaching career, Prof. Abha worked for AMU in several posts, including those of chairperson of the department of geography and dean of the faculty of science.

After years of groundbreaking work that had a significant impact on the Geography discipline, she was promoted to reader and professor after beginning at AMU as a young Geography lecturer in 1978.

Numerous research papers by Prof. Abha have been published in peer-reviewed journals in a variety of fields, including the built environment, environmental impact assessment, city planning, spatial planning, urban sustainability, land use planning, and urban development.

She received her postgraduate degree in 1969, M. Phill in 1970, and PhD in 1976 from Allahabad University.

Students of Prof. Abha recall her warmth, empathy, caring for them, and concern for them, while her colleagues warmly recall how she inspired them with her tremendous work ethic and effective and strict leadership as the Dean and Chairperson.

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