AMU Students Protest Against Arrest of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui and Assam Killing


AMU students also registered their dissent against the purported violence on the Muslims in Assam and called it state sponsored terrorism.

By Kaleem Ullah Fasihi/The Newster

AMU Students Protest at Bab e Syed

On Friday, the students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) took out a protest rally against the arrest of Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui and Assam firing at the varsity’s main gate Bab e Syed.

The students of AMU alleged the Yogi government of doing communal politics by arresting Muslim youth and scholars across the state. The protesting students demanded immediate release of Maulana Kaleem.

The students also registered their dissent against the purported violence on the Muslims in Assam and called it state sponsored terrorism.

In a memorandum given to Aligarh District Magistrate, the students demanded the release of Maulana Kaleem who was arrested on the charges of religious conversion.

Siddiqui’s name was popped up during the investigation of another accused of religious conversion Dr Umar Gautam who was incarcerated in June.

Students urged the president to “cease the evictions of Muslims of Assam and put a halt to any violence on the Muslims and demanded compensations to the victims for the loss incurred.”

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For the unversed, the Assam Police is trying to evacuate 4500 Bigha of land from approximately 800 households. In the evacuation drive, two people reportedly have been killed in the police fire.

In a viral video on internet, Assam Police is seen firing on the protestors. Since the video appeared on the internet, Assam government drew scathing criticism over its handling of the issue.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “Assam is on state-sponsored fire. I stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the state- no children of India deserve this” on twitter.

“About 200 families from Dholpur, where the eviction took place on Thursday, had challenged it in the Gauhati High Court at the end of August. The government then filed an affidavit saying it was government land, and settlers had no right over it. However, the eviction was carried out before the petitioners could file a reply to the affidavit”, NDTV reported.

On September 20, Assam Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sarma was glad to inform about the eviction of 4500 bigha land. Biswa, in his tweet said, “Continuing our drive against illegal encroachments, I am happy and compliment district administration of Darrang and @assampolice for having cleared about 4500 bigha, by evicting 800 households, demolishing 4 illegal religious structures and a private instn at Sipajhar, Darrang.”

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