AMU Students Take Out Candle March Against Rape, Murder of Delhi Civil Defence Personnel


On Friday, AMU Students demanded capital punishment for the culpruts of Delhi Civil Defence Personnel Sabia (changed name).

By Kaleem Ullah Fasihi/The Newster

AMU Students during a candle march against rape and murder of Sabia

The Students of Aligarh Muslim University on Friday took out a candle march against the brutal rape and murder of a Delhi Civil Defence Personnel Sabia (changed name).

While speaking to the media, students demanded a CBI probe into the matter and also demanded to frame a special bill for the protection of female employees on duty.

Janib Hasan, a studest leader of Aligarh Muslim University while condemning the incident said, “We are taking out a candle march to demand justice for Delhi’s daughter. The purpose of the candle march is to wake up the sleeping government and strict action against rapists.”

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He further added that “Delhi’s security is on Modi ji and it seems that Modi ji (PM Modi) is sleeping blindly.”

The students also demanded that the victim’s family must be compensated with 50 lacs rupees and a government job to at least one of her family member.

AMU students also extended a memorandum to Aligarh District Megistrate, Mrs. Selva Kumari demanding rapid action against the culprits.

According to the memorandum, a 21-year-old woman constable on duty was abducted, raped and brutally murdered in Delhi NCR region on August 31.

Earlier, Aam Admi Party leader, Rakhi Birla said, “The kind of security that has been deployed in Delhi makes it evident that the Centre is incapable of running Delhi Police. Every other day we hear about an incident of rape or murder in Delhi. Such incidents have heightened the sense of fear in the mind of every woman living in the Capital”, as reported by the Hindu.

Bhim Army also raised the matter and demanded justice to the victim.

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