BigBoss OTT: Karan turns Mohalle Ki Aunty, Viewers Miss Salman


By Aditya Sagar

Still form BigBoss OTT

On the 15th August episode of Bigg Boss OTT, Karan Johar hosted the first-ever ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ of this season. Since the very first few minutes of the episode, audiences started missing Salman Khan’s style of eyeing this show.

Bigg Boss started with the unfiltered format being aired on ‘Voot Select’ on the 8th of August last week. The show presented 13 known names for people to be in the public eye for 24*7 exclusively. In the very first week, the show took a flight filled with fights, abuses, unwanted victims, and out-of-house conversations.

Even though it was all that the makers wanted, yet was too much to engulf for the audiences. Be it Pratik-Divya’s fight, Shamita-Ridhima’s being the mother, Moose-Neha’s age barred brawls, Nishant-Zeeshan’s baseless existence, Milind-Karan’s shut-up silence, Akshara’s victim card of being targeted because she’s a Bihari and Urfi-Raqesh’s appearing as the on-off personalities.

In the Sunday episode, Karan Johar kicked off the episode having all prepared to sound OTT; an unwanted take. Whereas apparently, both Pratik-Divya was to be blamed and that Shamita has been frequently seen talking about her status/call, every sort of such blame was solely thrown on Divya’s head. Where Neha Bhasin’s maturity was tagged as an outburst, Moose’s vulgar statements weren’t addressed.

In a general perspective, the host is meant to represent the viewers’ perspectives, but fans seemed mostly unhappy as the show aired ahead. The ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ also saw janta’s favorite Jodi, Sidnaaz (Bigg Boss 14 fame Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill) gracing the show to display their connection.

Urfi Eliminated

As the gala of every other weekend episode, this one too saw eliminations. From the nominated Raqesh, Urfi, and Shamita, Urfi had to bid the show a bye in just a week of its commencement. Urfi whereas was seen accusing Zeeshan of her getting eliminated as he earlier swapped his connection with Divya over Urfi which ultimately left the latter nominated and hence, eliminated.

There’s more to come for us to talk OTT about this season, for which, you need to be glued to this space. We are here to serve you ‘garma-garam’ entertainment.

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