‘Black Day (for) India Economy’ Trends as Demonetisation Marks 5 Years


Have a look that how people reacted to 5 years of demonetisation

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Five years back on this day Modi led BJP government has demonetise the Indian economy by removing Rs 1000 denomination banknote and replacing 500 rupees note with new notes of the same denomination.

 Last year, Narendra Modi on twitter had said that, “Demonetisation has helped reduce black money, increase tax compliance and formalisation and given a boost to transparency.”

Referencing to some posters showing the success of demonetisation Modi furthered his tweet, “These outcomes have greatly been beneficial towards national progress.”

After five years, twitter users are criticising government move of demonetising and have shared their experiences.

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A twitter user vehemently criticised the move and posed dome serious question for government. He said, “How much black money was returned? Is terrorism over? What is the condition of the economy?”

Another social media user Yogesh Meena accused demonetisation for following mihhaps, “DeMonetisation has caused:

1. DEATH of innocent lives

2. DISTRESS to the working class

3. DESTRUCTION of the Economy …

A Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) leader @isai_said remembered the horror of night when demonetisation was announced and tweeted picture related to the suffering allegedly caused by demonetisation.

Shahnawaz Ansari on twitter wrote, “Today the whole country is suffering the consequences of looting during demonetisation|#Black_Day_Indian_Economy”

He also, with a picture attached to the tweet, claimed that the demonetisation caused deaths of 100 people.

Another twitter user alleged that PM Modi has destroyed Indian economy by demonetising the country. He said, “After demonetising the country and destroying the Indian economy in one stroke, he did this Oscar-nominated performance.”

Kisan IT cell wrote that demonetisation is a Modi made disaster.

Twitter user Mukil—

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