Congress Boycotts Aman Chopra’s ‘Polarising’ Show

Congress Boycotts Aman Chopra's 'Polarising' Show
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The Indian National Congress on October 12 announced that it will no longer be sending any official spokesperson to Aman Chopra’s show.

In a tweet, Pawan Khera, Chairman, Media & Publicity Deptt for the Congress said, “

After discussing with colleagues and other well wishers, we have decided not to send any official spokesperson on the @AmanChopra_ show. We refuse to be a part of any such divisive and polarising narrative narrative. #BharatJodoYatra.”

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Pawan Chopra is known for his hateful and contentious debates on News18.

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Notably, the last time a Congress spokesman was on a Chopra show was on Tuesday. The anchor talked about how Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the “Mahakal Lok” in Ujjain.

Radhika Khera, a panellist for the Congress party, was invited by Chopra. BJP politician Manoj Tiwari, Baba Ramdev Swami Dipankar, and Acharaya Naval Kishore Das were there in addition to her.

Have they ever been pictures of a prime minister doing prayers at a temple with the tripund before today, the anchor questioned Radhika? The spokeswoman for the Congress said, “Practicing religion and prayer is a private issue.” Chopra immediately cut her off and asked the same question again.

Earlier in May, ruling party in Rajasthan had registered multiple FIRs registered under sections 295A, 153A, 124A and 67.

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