Congress’s Twitter Account Locked Along With Its Over 5000 Workers

Rahul Gandhi

In a one of the strangest things happening on social media, the Congress leaders are changing their name to that of ‘Rahul Gandhi’. This can be Congress’ strategic move after the micro-blogging site Twitter has locked out Rahul Gandhi’s and INC’s official twitter account.

Today, Congress claimed that the Twitter has locked the official account of the century old party along with many of its leaders.

According to the chairman of Congress’ social media department, Twitter has blocked more than 5000 accounts of Congress leaders across the country.

Pranav Jha, AICC Secretary wrote on his twitter wall that the twitter accounts of Senior party leaders such as Randeep Surjewala, Ajay Makan and Sushmita Dev have been locked.

“So! After Shri @RahulGandhi, the Lord @narendramodi Ji and Vassal @Jack & @twitter have locked @rssurjewala, @ajaymaken & @sushmitadevinc. @INCIndia registers its protest and promises to continue the fight for each and all being wronged!

We shall hold on @AshwiniVaishnaw Ji !!”, Jha said.

“The list goes on @Twitter locks @JitendraSAlwar and @manickamtagore and many more. Doesn’t Modi Ji understand that we @INCindia’ns have a legacy of fighting even from behind the locks of kaala paani? He thinks the virtual locks of twitter will deter us from fighting for India??”, he added.

In response to these lockdowns, many congress leaders are changing their name to ‘Rahul Gandhi’ to mark their protest.

Congress leader Alka Lamba has also changed her account name to that of Rahul Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader Shahi Tharoor in his short interview to NDTV said, “No social media outfit can interfere with freedom of expression. There are laws that need to be respected and a solution needs to be sought under the ambit of these laws.”

President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas BV also changed his twitter account name and changed her display picture to that of Rahul Gandhi.

In response to these lockdowns Twitter said, “The Twitter Rules are enforced judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service. We have taken proactive action on several hundred Tweets that posted an image that violated our rules and may continue to do so in line with our range of enforcement options. Certain types of private information carry higher risks than others, and our aim is always to protect individuals’ privacy and safety. We strongly encourage everyone on the service to familiarise themselves with the Twitter Rules and report anything they believe is in violation”.

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