Diwali is not ‘Celebration of Tradition’, says BJP MP Tejaswi Surya


Tejaswi Surya said, “And brands like @FabindiaNews must face economic costs for such deliberate misadventures.”

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Fab India ad campaign that drew flak from Tejaswi Surya and others

In a what it can be termed as silliest remark, if not communal, by a BJP leader ahead of Hindu festival Diwali. BJP MP from Bangalore South, Tejaswi Surya took to twitter and criticised a campaign by Fab India celebrating oneness.

30-year-old Hindu leader known for his Islamophobic comment said that Diwali is not a Jashn-e-Riwaz.

Jashn means Celebration and Riwaz (which is Riwaj in actual Urdu) means tradition, the ad campaign title can be translated as ‘Celebration of Tradition’.

The communal Hindu leader said on twitter, “Deepavali is not Jash-e-Riwaaz. This deliberate attempt of abrahamisation of Hindu festivals, depicting models without traditional Hindu attires, must be called out.”

He also threatened Fab India of economic loss.

He further added to his tweet, “And brands like @FabindiaNews must face economic costs for such deliberate misadventures.”

Fab India is an Indian chain store dealing in garments, furnishing, fabrics and ethnic products across India.

After BJP MP Tejaswi Surya pilloried the Jashn e Rivaaz ad campaign many other Hindu extremist came in his support and demanded boycott of the company.

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People with extremist approach started criticising Fab India for its ad and accused it of defacing Hindu tradition and hurting Hindu sentiments.

Another BJP leader from Uttarakhand wrote on his twitter wall echoing with Tejasvi, “Deepavali is not Jash-e-Riwaaz…Period!!! Seems like Fab India has done this deliberately to hurt Hindu Sentiment.”

“#BoycottFabIndia “

Fab India is not the only brand who faced such criticism for their ad campaign.

Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturer Dabur was also attacked by the Hindu leaders for its ad campaign in which it shown Karwa Chauth being celebrated among same sex people.

Later on, Dabur had to called off the campaign sensing economic loss and anti-campaigning against it.

Last year, Tanishq had drawn flak from the people from the league of Tejasvi Surya for promoting interfaith marriage (also called ‘Love Jihad’ by Hindu Bigots).

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