Firing At Kabul Airport, An Afghan Soldier Killed


At least one Afghan security officer was killed on Monday in a gunfight at a gate at Kabul’s international airport. German authorities have reported this.

By Vaishali Pandey/The Newster

A US marine assists during evacuation at Kabul airport (Pic: Reuters)

After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, the conditions are deteriorating day by day. Meanwhile, amidst Taliban terror, a gunfight took place at Kabul airport today between the Afghan army and unidentified assailants. An Afghan soldier was reportedly killed in the firing.

There is panic across the country after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Many people are fleeing from the country out of fear.

Unidentified assailants opened fire at Kabul airport on Monday, according to the PTI news agency. The event resulted in the death of a soldier of the Afghan security force soldier. A German authority has confirmed this.

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According to the German armed forces’ statement on Twitter that one Afghan security force soldier died in this incident and three others, including US and German soldiers, were injured in the conflict at Kabul airport’s north gate around 4:13 am this morning.

Afghan security officers are aiding U.S. forces inside the airport, while the Taliban have positioned militants outside the airport, where they have attempted to enforce some form of order.

According to CNN, an Afghan guard had returned fire when a sniper outside the airport fired at him, but US soldiers fired back at the Afghan guards.

However, no German soldier has been injured. It is yet to be ascertained who the attackers were. Taliban men deployed outside Kabul airport, have not opened fire on NATO or Afghan troops here so far.

At the airport, two NATO officers reported that the situation had been brought under control and all airport gates had been locked up.

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15, the US and other foreign forces have been trying to evacuate their civilians and vulnerable Afghans from the airport.

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