Just Like the Kashmir Files, Film Should Also be Made on Killings of Muslims in India, says IAS Officer


He also said that the income generated from the Kashmir Files should be donated to for “Brahmin children’s education and construction of homes.”

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Ever since the Kashmiri Files was released on March 11, people are giving their opinion about it while some suggested that movies on Gujarat Riots and the likes should also be made. The new entrant in the list is an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh, Niyaz Khan who has opined that a film on the massacre of Muslims across India should be made as it was made on exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

“Kashmir Files shows the anguish of Brahmins, but the producer must also make a movie to highlight the deaths of a big number of Muslims throughout different states of India,” he added in a series of tweets.

Niyaz Khan who author of seven novels said, “Muslims are not insects, but human beings and citizens of the country.”

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He also said that the income generated from the Kashmiri Files should be donated to for “Brahmin children’s education and construction of homes.”

“Income of Kashmir Files reached 150 crores. Great. People have given a lot of respect for Kashmiri Brahmins’ feelings. I would respect film producer to transfer all earnings to the Brahmin children’s education and construction of homes for them in Kashmir. It will be a great charity”, he added.

The officer stated that he is considering writing a book on the massacres of Muslims on various occasions so that a film like Kashmir Files may be made to bring the grief and suffering of minorities to the public’s attention.

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His tweet came after the release of the Kashmiri Files in which Muslims are portrayed in bad light.

While the film has received mixed reviews from reviewers and audiences, it has received support from the central government, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and a number of other BJP officials who have applauded it.

Khan works for the Madhya Pradesh Public Works Department as a deputy secretary. He’s also the author of seven novels, including ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ (about instant Talaq) and Be Ready to Die, on the Islamic State’s 2014 slaughter of Yazidis.

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