Khadi Utsav: Texts of PM Modi’s Speech

PM spinning ‘Charkha’ in Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.
PM spinning ‘Charkha’ in Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took part in the Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad today. Those in attendance included Ahmedabad Mayor Kiritbhai Parmar, KVIC Chairman Manoj Kumar, Member of Parliament C. R. Patil, State Ministers Harsh Sanghvi and Jagdish Panchal, and Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel.

The Prime Minister recalled his mother’s work on Charkha as a child. He stated, “The bank of Sabarmati has become blessed today as on the occasion of 75 years of independence, 7,500 sisters and daughters have created history by working together to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.” In his opinion, spinning on a charkha is nothing less than worship.

He commended the “Atal Bridge,” which he inaugurated today, for its innovative technology and beautiful design. He asserted that the bridge is a tribute to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who the Gujarati people have long admired and cherished. In addition to joining the Sabarmati River’s two banks, the Atal Bridge is an architectural and engineering marvel. The well-known Gujarati kite festival has also been considered in its design; the PM claimed. The excitement with which the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign was observed in India was also acknowledged by Mr Modi. He claimed that in addition to a sense of patriotism, celebrations in this country also demonstrated a commitment to a developed and contemporary India.

“History bears witness that a thread of Khadi became the force of the freedom movement, it destroyed the chains of slavery,” the prime minister stated. He continued by saying that the same Khadi thread might serve as inspiration for realizing the promise of a developed India and, in turn, realising the goal of an independent India. He declared, “A traditional power like Khadi may lift us to new heights.” According to him, the goal of this Khadi Utsav is to inspire people to carry out the goals of New India by reviving the spirit and history of the liberation movement.

He referred back to his Panch-Prans, which he had mentioned from the Red Fort on August 15. “I want to recite the Pancha-Pranas in this revered location on the Sabarmati River’s banks. First, let’s talk about India’s main goal: becoming a developed nation. Second, the mindset of slavery must be totally rejected. Third: Being proud of our heritage; Fourth: Working hard to strengthen national unity; Fifth: Civic obligation. He claimed that the current Khadi Utsav is a lovely representation of the “Panch Prans.”

The Prime Minister focused on how Khadi was ignored in the years following independence. “Khadi, which Gandhiji created as the emblem of the nation’s self-respect during the liberation campaign, was injected with an inferiority mentality following independence. As a result, Khadi and the village’s related industries were totally destroyed. This Khadi scenario was particularly difficult for Gujarat, he said. He took satisfaction in the fact that Gujarat was the location of the effort to revive khadi. The government’s commitment to “Khadi for Transformation” to “Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion” was emphasized by the prime minister.

We began sharing the Gujarat success stories with the rest of the nation, he remarked. All of the Khadi-related issues that existed nationwide were fixed. We urged citizens to purchase Khadi goods. The Prime Minister also recognised the role played by women in bringing back Khadi. “Women’s empowerment is a significant factor in the Khadi sector in India’s expansion. Our sisters and daughters have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The growth of Sakhi Mandals in Gujarat is more evidence of this, he continued. According to him, sales of Khadi have surged fourfold over the past eight years, and for the first time, the combined revenue of Khadi and Gramodyog has surpassed one lakh crore. Additionally, the sector added 1.75 crore new jobs.

The prime minister emphasised the advantages of Khadi, saying that it is an example of environmentally beneficial, sustainable apparel and has the smallest carbon footprint. There are numerous places with high temperatures, and Khadi is significant from a health perspective. Khadi can thus have a significant impact on the world stage. He made this statement in line with the global movement toward more sustainable and basic lifestyles.

During the upcoming festive season, the Prime Minister urged the populace to exclusively give gifts created by Khadi Village Industries. You can have clothing created from a variety of textiles. The Prime Minister warned that the Vocal for Local campaign will pick up steam if you give Khadi a spot in that.

The Prime Minister emphasised that with the efforts of the government and the hard work of our brothers and sisters associated with the toy industries, the situation has now started changing. The Prime Minister recalled that in the past decades, India’s own prosperous toy industry was getting destroyed in the race for foreign toys. As a result, the import of toys has drastically decreased.

Additionally, the Prime Minister urged viewers to watch the “Swaraj” series on Doordarshan. In exquisite detail, the serial tells the tale of the heroic freedom warriors and their battle. Families should watch the series to learn about the sacrifice made by our ancestors to secure our independence.

Khadi Utsav

The prime minister has consistently worked to make Khadi more well-known, raise consumer awareness of Khadi goods, and encourage young people to use Khadi. The Prime Minister’s initiatives have resulted in a four-fold increase in Khadi sales in India since 2014, while an enormous eight-fold growth in Khadi sales in Gujarat.

Khadi Utsav, a one-of-a-kind event, is being planned as part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav to honour khadi and its significance throughout the liberation movement.

The Utsav will be held in Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront, where 7500 women khadi craftsmen from different districts in Gujarat will spin charkha live at the same time and same location. 22 Charkhas from various generations that have been in use since the 1920s will be on display in an exhibition that highlights the “Evolution of Charkhas” during the event. It will feature charkhas with the most recent technological advancements, such as the “Yerwada Charkha,” which represents the charkhas used during the freedom struggle. There was also a live demonstration of Ponduru Khadi manufacture. The Prime Minister also dedicated the Tal Bridge, a foot-over bridge in Sabarmati, and the new offices of the Gujarat Rajya Khadi Gramodyog Board at the ceremony.

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