Local Militias to Fight Against Taliban says Afghan Minister

Pic: Ministry of Interior Affairs, Afghanistan

Afghanistan administration is giving weapons to local group to fight the raging danger of Taliban across the nation. In last five days, Taliban has claimed 9 provincial cities of the war-torn country.

Taliban has accelerated its offensives against the established regime of Afghanistan led by President Ashraf Ghani since the US forces announced its pull out from the country.

The interior minister General Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal told news agency Al Jazeera that Afghan forces are striving to secure border crossings, main highways and large cities against the Taliban’s attacks.

Mirzakwal who took charges of Afghan police forces barely a month ago said that the government is extending support to local militias known as “uprising movements”. He said that the central government is delegating the power to regional leaders to fight against the Taliban.

Afghan government is hatching stage wise plans to combat Taliban. “We are working in three phases. The first is to stop the defeats [of the government forces], the second is to re-gather our forces to create security rings around the cities”, said Mirzakwal to Al Jazeera’s Afghan correspondent Charlotte Bellis.

“All those soldiers that abandoned their posts, we’re bringing them back to their posts. The third is to begin offensive operations. At the moment, we’re moving into the second phase,” he told Bellis.

Since the US withdrawal, the country has lost lot of its territory to Taliban’s hand. In last five months Taliban has doubled its occupation over the country.

Losing control over highways were main reason behind slipping significant chunk of area into Taliban’s control, the minister said.

“Unfortunately, with their withdrawal, the fighting started in 400 areas of the country,” he said. “We have very limited air support; the helicopters have been busy with moving supplies and evacuating our dead and injured forces.”

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