Marathi film ‘SUMI’ Written by Jamia Alumnus Sanjeev K Jha Wins National Award


Sumi, a film based on a 12-year-old girl’s story, written by Jamia alumnus Sanjeev K Jha bag national awards in the category of Best Child Artist and Best Children’s Film awards.

Marathi film 'SUMI' Written by Jamia Alumnus Sanjeev K Jha Wins National Award
Marathi film ‘SUMI’ Written by Jamia Alumnus Sanjeev K Jha Wins National Award

Sumi, the first Marathi film of Jamia Millia Islamia alumnus Sanjeev K. Jha, received two 68th National Awards. The young actors in the film, Akanksha Pingale and Divyesh Indulkar, were announced as the winners of the Best Child Artist and Best Children’s Film awards, respectively.

Sumi, which is set in rural India, Akanksha plays the destitute 12-year-old Sumati and tells the tale of her struggle, ambition, devotion, and friendship. The narrative of Sumi is about daughters’ and mothers’ intransigence.

The film’s director¬†expressed his happiness at receiving such acclaim for the first time in response to the movie’s success. “Obtaining national film awards is an honour and a dream come true. The story of “Sumi” touched people’s hearts and deserved to be conveyed. The story centers on a young woman who wants to ride a bicycle so she can soar and pursue her dream of college. We appreciate the jury’s choice to award the best children’s movie. That will motivate me to produce such a movie. Very, very happy”, the director said.

Regarding the same, the writer of the movie expressed his gratitude, saying, “My sincere appreciation for all the love and good wishes that we are receiving from all over. I will be inspired to tell stories that are even more fascinating and have a profound impact on society and people’s lives by receiving this national award. My first marathi movie, “Sumi,” holds a special place in my heart. For me, it’s a very personal movie. almost relates to my youth. It is about the courage and aspirations that each girl in the country demonstrates. Despite being a dramatic movie, it also discusses the education of girls. I’m grateful to the entire jury for bestowing this honour upon us. The hearts of everyone are touched by good stories. ” (Read more: 68TH NATIONAL FILM AWARDS ANNOUNCED, SURIYA AND AJAY DEVGN JOINT WINNERS OF BEST ACTOR AWARD; SEE THE LIST)

It is not the first time that students from Jamia Millia Islamia have bagged the prestigious national film awards. Before Mr. Jha’s Sumi, ‘the documentary film ‘There is Something is in the Air‘, by another Jamia alumnus Iram Ghufran had won the national film awards in the category of Best Direction and Best Editing in the Non-Feature Section.

Aparna Sanyal also an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, had bagged the award for Best Educational Film for her documentary ‘A Drop of Sunshine‘ which tells a story of a young woman suffering from schizophrenia.

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