NDTV, CNN Most Trusted TV Channels in India; Republic TV Most Distrusted


British news channel, BBC topped the list in news channel category with 73% votes. NDTV tops among Indian channels.

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Oxford University and The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has conducted a survey that defines the trust in TV news channels.

In the survey, NDTV and CNN were credited as most trusted news channels with 68% votes in its favor. Whereas, British news channel, BBC topped the list in news channel category with 73% votes.

Here is the demonstration of Trust among people of India with regard to Print, Electronic and other OTT Platforms.

If we see the overall report, then we can say that people are having more trust to government centered channels rather than private. Also, according to the chart, in Print Media, Times of India is given more trust than The Hindu. Indian daily the Times of India surmounted the list across media.

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According to the report, Trust = % scored 6-10 on 10-point scale. Don’t trust = 0-4, Neither = 5. Those that haven’t heard of each brand were excluded. Only the above brands were included in the survey so this should not be treated as a list of the most trusted brands.

As the report quotes, ‘survey is taken mainly from English-speaking, online news users in India – a small subset of a larger, more diverse, media market. Respondents are generally more affluent, younger, have higher levels of formal education, and are more likely to live in cities than the wider Indian population. Findings should not be taken to be nationally representative.’

In October last year, Republic TV drew massive criticism as their Television Rating Points (TRP) published by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) came under Mumbai police radar under the alleged TRP tampering.

The channel was accused of installing metering devices in different households to manipulate its TRP in its favor.

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