Netizens come in support of Vir Das’s ‘Two Indias’ Performance; Call it ‘Brilliant’


An FIR has been registered against Vir Das for his latest performance two Indias

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Screengrab of 'I come from two Indias'
Screengrab of ‘I come from two Indias’

Celebrated stand-up comedian Vir Das is drawing massive flak over his latest performance ‘two Indias’ in which he meticulously draws comparison from good India to the bad one.

The Bad India is one that we are shamefully living in and the good one is that the comedian aspires to be in.

Vir Das who is currently in the United State, on Monday uploaded his latest stand up on YouTube titled as ‘I come from two Indias’ which was performed at the John F Kennedy Centre in Wasington DC.

In the six minutes performance, Vir Das raises some burning issues that India is going through. Ranging from the laxity of our leaders in terms of following Covid protocol to the online rape threats even to the 10-month-old kids.

Lambasting at the prevailing rape culture in India Vir Das said, “I come from an India where we worship women during the day and gang-rape them during the night.”

Some Internet users took the act as an insult to India. “Questions for #VirDas : show us one place on the planet that does not have the same good bad & ugly. 2.Given population of 1.3 billion, show us ONE place on the planet w better crime statistics than India As a percentage”, wrote a twitter user.

An FIR has been registered against Vir Das for the joke he didn’t want us to find funny. As per the report by NDTV, “Aditya Jha, a spokesperson of the BJP in Delhi, has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police accusing Vir Das of belittling the country on foreign soil”.

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However, as the stand-up talks about the duality of country, many people find the performance brutal truth as well and not just an ‘insult’.

Noted Hindi Film director also heaped praise on Vir Das for his ‘moving’ performance. He wrote, “I was very moved by this @thevirdas. I come from an India where it needs courage for a Vir Das to say this, I come from an India where many of us admire this courage, yet choose to remain silent” on twitter.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor applauded the comedian and termed the performance as ‘Brilliant’. He also shared the link of the act saying, “A stand-up comedian who knows the real meaning of the term “stand up” is not physical but moral — @thevirdas spoke for millions in this 6-minute take on the Two Indias he hails from & stands up for. “This is a joke, but it’s just not funny.” Brilliant.

Another tweeter user shared the link of the video on twitter and said, “I felt I was in that room. I really did. Thank you for your art @thevirdas

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