Netizens Rub Lallantop’s Saurabh Dwivedi for his Biased Attack on Rahul Gandhi

Netizens Rub Lallantop's Saurabh Dwivedi for his Biased Attack on Rahul Gandhi

A blast from the past. This idiom perfectly defines what The Lallantop’s editor Saurabh Dwivedi is going through. Saurabh known for his balanced journalism came under the radar of netizens as his tweets attacking Rahul Gandhi came to light.

Utkarsh Singh, founder of Unseen India shared screenshots of Saurabh Dwivedi’s old tweets in which he readily attacks Rahul Gandhi echoing the allegations of right-wing trolls.

In this tweet, Saurabh alleges that Rahul Gandhi has come back from Bangkok, a country wrongly infamous for sex industry.

Amplifying the accusation of right-wing trolls, Saurabh Dwivedi questions the maturity of Rahul Gandhi, who is now on ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

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Archit Gupta, Arnab, Sudhir, and Amish are nothing before him (Saurabh Dwivedi).. why so much hatred towards any one person? Those who talk big on the screen are so hollow from the inside, aren’t they?

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