No, There are No Hindu-Muslim Clashes in London, Viral Claim is Fake

No, There are No Hindu-Muslim Clashes in London, Viral Claim Fake

A video is viral on social media of a protest held in London over the death of an Iranian woman protester falsely claiming that Hindu and Muslim communities were indulged in communal scuffle again. A few days back, there were multiple reports of Hindu-Muslim clashes in the United Kingdom’s Leicester.

The video was shared on social media with the caption, “Multiculturalism at its finest 👇 Muslim vs Hindu battle each other, and police, in London over a cricket match played thousands of miles away.”

“Brits speaking out against the constant violence on their streets are being labeled Far-Right Extremists…MSM at its finest also 🙄”

The link to the viral video can be found here.

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Screengrab of viral video

Fact Check

The Newster looked at the video and found that they were from protests in London after the rigorous morality police in Iran allegedly killed Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, 22, over a Hijab protest.

We did a reverse image search on one of the video’s keyframes and found a tweet from September 27 that had the same video.

In the tweet, it was said that the video shows a protest in London against the Iranian government. We looked for related keywords on Twitter and found a news bulletin from UK-based GB News that was posted on September 27, 2022.

The video’s caption read, “‘With the likelihood of more protests in the days ahead, police will have additional resources on duty to deal with any further outbreak of disorder. Mark White reports on the Iranian Protests, as five police officers are injured and 12 people arrested in London.”

We also found protesters carrying the Iranian flag which further substantiates that the protest was in solidarity with Iranian women.


Hence, the video is found to misleading and there is no angle of a Hindu-Muslim clash.

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