October 11 — History

October 11— History
Credit: NASA

October 11 — History From Theodore Roosevelt becoming the first president to take flight to launching of Apollo 11; all major event on October 11.

In 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first US president to take flight. His flight was piloted by Arch Hoxsey.

In 1941, the War for the Independence of the Republic of Macedonia officially began.

In 1942, during WWII, U.S. Naval ships fought a Japanese force off Guadalcanal and defeated them.

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On October 11 in 1954, the French military finally leaves North Vietnam, following the terms of the Geneva Accords.

In 1958, NASA’s first space probe, Pioneer 1, is launched, but it crashes into space shortly after take-off.

In 1961, the Non-Aligned Movement was founded during the first summit of the organisation, which took place in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia.

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In 1968, Apollo 7, the first human Apollo mission was launched by NASA.

In 1987, the Indian armies enter Sri Lanka and launch Operation Pawan. Thousands of people, including civilians, militants, and troops, have been killed.

In 1942, Amitabh Bachchan, Indian cinema actor, producer, TV personality, and former politician, was born on this day.

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