Paresh Rawal Replaces Rishi Kapoor in Sharmaji Namkeen

Sharmaji Namkeen Poster
Sharmaji Namkeen Poster
Hindi film actor and producer Farhan Akhtar has announced that Paresh Rawal will complete Rishi Kapoor’s Sharmaji Namkeen following Kapoor's demise last year.

Riddhima Kapoor has unveiled the first posters for Sharmaji Namkeen, the farewell film of her father Rishi Kapoor. After Rishi’s death last year, Paresh Rawal was cast in the role.

By Yashika Goel/The Newster

Sharmaji Namkeen Poster

Hindi film actor and producer Farhan Akhtar has announced that Paresh Rawal will complete Rishi Kapoor’s Sharmaji Namkeen following Kapoor’s demise last year.

Akhtar took to the twitter and shared the poster of the film. He shared two posters, the first poster shows the late actor Rishi Kapoor who was initially casted for the film and in the second poster, Paresh Rawal can be seen filling late Rishi Kapoor’s shoe.

Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni has unveiled poster of her father’s final film, Sharmaji Namkeen, on his birthday. Following his demise in April last year, actor Paresh Rawal took over to finish the film.

“We are proud to present, the poster of a very special film- Sharmaji Namkeen, starring one of the most celebrated actors in the Hindi film industry whose inimitable work and sparkling career we will cherish forever, Mr. Rishi Kapoor. As a mark of love, respect and remembrance of him and as a gift to his millions of fans, here is the first look of his final film.” Riddhima wrote on her Insta profile.

In these two posters, late Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal can be seen donning similar costumes.

She also expressed gratitude to Paresh Rawal for finishing the film and said, “A big thank you to Mr. Paresh Rawal, who completed the film by agreeing to take the sensitive step of portraying the same character played by Rishi-ji. Produced by Excel Entertainment and Macguffin Pictures, directed by debutant Hitesh Bhatia, this film is a light-hearted coming-of-age story of a lovable 60-year-old-man.”

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The film is directed by debutant Hitesh Bhatia and produced by Excel Entertainment and MacGuffin pictures. The release date for Sharmaji Namkeen has not been announced yet.

His wife, star Neetu Kapoor, also posted a tribute to Rishi and their final days together. She said, “I learnt a lot from Rishi Ji during our last few traumatic years in NYC. How we celebrated when his blood counts were high. We dined, shopped, laughed. In his lows, we just stayed home watched tv ordered in amazing food and still had some wonderful moments in hope that the next round of chemotherapy he would be better. Hope and being strong is what he taught me. Value each day. We all miss him today!!! I can picture him how excited he would have been for his 69th birthday!! I’m sure he is celebrating with his family up there 👆🏻 Happy birthday Kapoor Saab 🙏🥰.”

Last year on April 30, Rishi Kapoor succumbed to cancer.

Here at The Newster, we all miss him and wish we could see him in Sharmaji Namkeen. Tribute!

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