Satire: This is How Alig Judges PM Modi ‘s Aligarh Connnection

Hamare Pyare PM Modi

PM Modi ’s childhood is most debatable topic in the history of debates. Every now and then he finds something new in his yesteryears and tries to manipulate the story suiting to the situation he is talking in.

This time PM Modi was in Aligarh on the invitation of Uttar Pradesh government where he inaugurated a state university named after Jat King Mahendra Pratap Singh. During his speech, he recalled a story from his most debatable childhood that connected Aligarh just like he connected Assam by claiming that he made tea in his childhood with Assamees tea leaves.

PM Modi said, “In my childhood, a Muslim salesman used to come to our village every three months to sell world famous Aligarh locks. And during the period, whatever amount he earned, he kept the money to my father (as his father was a trusted man). And when he is all done with his lock business, he used to come to his father, collect his money and then off to Aligarh.”

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He said all this on the pretext of Aligarh’s proposed defense corridor that will manufacture defense related equipments. In Modi’s word, now Aliagarh will be known for its guns which will be used to secure India’s border.

And I hope these weapons will no not be misused. Especially against Aligs.

It would have even been better, if Modi had talked about Aligarhiya pajamas and had said that in his adulthood when he was on India tour, he used to don Aligarhiya Pajama or he wore a sherwani stitched from Mehdi Hasan on his marriage ceremony.

Jashoda Ben along with lakhs of Aligs would have been happy and this would have given him great amount of mileage especially among Aligs. They would have taken it by their hearts. Just like they did when Modi called Aligarh Muslim University a ‘mini India’. Some of them, however called it dealing (colloquial word for manioulation) though (that is not to mention).

I am hoping PM Modi might be taking a tour to his ocean-large past to take out all the pearls that is anyhow related to Uttar Pradesh.

This article is written by an AMU student, and is based on his fictional creativity.

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