Sheberghan, Second Provincial City Falls to Taliban in 24 Hours

Taliban man with captured MaxxPro MRAP from Afghan forces

Sheberghan, in Jawzjan province became the second Afghan’s provincial capital that fell in Taliban’s hands on Staurday, the deputy governor of the city said.

On Friday, Taliban had taken Zaranj city, capital of Nimruz province.

The deputy governor of Sheberghan city, Qader Malia said that the Afghan forces and officials have drawn back towards the outskirt where they were formulating their defence.

“The city has unfortunately fallen completely. The [government] forces and officials have retreated to the airport.” Malia said to the AFP news agency.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis in his report on the issue to the agency said, “The Taliban put out a statement saying they have taken the city of Sherbegan and therefore the province of Jawzjan. They said this happened earlier this afternoon.”

“The government is denying the Taliban have a taken full control of the city. The Ministry of Interior have told us they are going to launch a counter-offensive, that they are sending reinforcement, special forces and have started air strikes,” Bellis further added.

According to the officials, the armed group has taken over some key government buildings such as central jail, governor’s office and the police headquarters.

Mohammad Karim Jawzjani, representative of Jawzjan in Afghan parliament said that the Afghan force still holding some areas in the city such as airport and an army brigade.

Since May, when US troops started to withdraw, Taliban through its incessant offensives across the country, has captured most of the rural areas of Afghanistan.

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