Situation Tensed in Chhattisgarh as Terrorists Uproot Islamic Flag; Curfew imposed


In a viral video doing rounds on social media, miscreants can be seen uprooting pious Islamic flag and then desecrating it in Chhattisgarh.

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Terrorists Uprooting Islamic Flag

A video is being surfaced on social media from Chhattisgarh’s Karwadha, claiming that the local Hindu mob uprooted the pious Islamic flag and desecrating it in police presence.

According to reports, a curfew has been put in place in several parts of Chhattisgarh to avoid further altercations.

In a viral video doing rounds on social media, miscreants can be seen uprooting pious Islamic flag and then desecrating it. The police personnel were present at the time when the Hindu mob uprooted Islamic flag. But seemingly the mob did not care about the police presence and it looked at the event was fixed.

The incident also saw clashes between Muslim and Hindu communities. In another video, seemingly a Hindu mob can be seen attacking a Muslim house. The house is painted in green colour which is associated with Islam and very much revered by the Muslims. (Perhaps, the video has been removed from Twitter)

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A video shared on twitter by Drunk Journalist claiming that hundreds of terrorists ransacked Muslim area and torched up some houses. “Yesterday in Chattisgarh, hundreds of terrorists shouting slogans entered into areas of Muslim community and started violence….Bikes were torched and some houses were also ransacked… Later, police lathi-charged at some places.”

Police, however, claims that situation is now under control and a large number of security personnel have been deployed to ensure peace in the region.

According to officials, “A peace committee meeting was held with the people on Sunday (October 3, 2021). It had asked for the removal of religious flags from Lohara Chowk to maintain peace and harmony in view of the upcoming festivals. Both sides had agreed to it, but some youths from both communities reached the spot and there was a disturbance. Additional police forces rushed to the spot after which the situation was brought under control.”

People aware of the development in Chhattisgarh say that the situation in the area is still intense as at some place stone-pelting has also taken place.

“The collector said that CCTV footage has been seen and ordered to identify and arrest the anarchic elements. Five years ago, the picture of Mother India was torn at this place, after which tension prevailed”, as reported by an online news portal.

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