Sulemana Abdul Samed, Ghana’s Tallest Man

Sulemana Abdul Samed

Sulemana Abdul Samed, the tallest person in Ghana. Abdul is also known as Awuche is 9 feet 6 inches tall.

Abdul says that he grows one or two inches every 3-4 months.

He has become well-known personality online and, in his community, due to his towering height.

Abdul in an interview with BBC News Pidgin said that he started to feel his lankiness in 2015.

Abdul, who stands at 9 feet 6 inches tall, said that one day he discovered that his tongue had grown and was restricting his breathing.

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He expressed satisfaction with the way God formed him and took pleasure in the attention that his height sometimes brings him.

Abdul said that since he couldn’t fit into regular shoes, he had to have a shoemaker and vulcanizer to measure him and construct him a bespoke pair.

The reason behind Abdul’s unusually extra height is gigantism.

Gigantism is a highly uncommon disorder that results in a kid or teenager becoming unusually tall due to excessive quantities of growth hormone in their bodies.  However, it can be cured.

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