Taliban Captures First Provincial Capital of Afghanistan

Taliban Forces

Troubles for Afghanistan government is increasing as the Taliban is making its hold stronger across the region. On Friday, Taliban has taken the capital of Afghanistan’s Nimruz province, Zaranj.

Taliban’s control over Nimruz is significant as the province shares border with Iran.

It is the first major capture for Taliban since 2016 when the group had taken the city of Kunduz briefly. Taliban has escalated its coup against Afghanistan since the US has pulled out its security forces.

In past couple of months, Taliban has taken dozens of districts and international borders. Now, after the extremist group has taken Zaranj, people across the country are fearing more such occupations.

This advancement has put a pressure on other provinces as the Afghan’s security is weakening in the fall out US forces’ withdrawal.

Nimruz’s police, spokesman told Reuters news agency on the condition of anonymity, fearing for his life that the Zaranj fell to Taliban because of the low deployment of security forces in the region.

Meanwhile Taliban is celebrating as Zaranj fell to their hands. A spokesperson of Taliban told Reuters who declined to be named said, “This is the beginning and (you will) see how other provinces fall in our hands very soon”.

Taliban in a written statement to media claimed that it has taken control of the provincial intelligence headquarters and set all the prisoners free.

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