Thousands Demonstrate Against Taliban In Afghanistan, One Killed


In Kabul and eastern Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans have protested against the Taliban rule. Northern alliance is already shaping up in Panjshir Valley against the Taliban.

By Vaishali Pandey/The Newster

Afghans Protesting against Taliban

On Thursday, demonstrators marched in Kabul and eastern Afghanistan by holding Afghan national flags in a show of defiance against the Taliban’s forceful takeover of Afghanistan on August 15.

Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which commemorates the British rule out from the country in 1919, saw Afghans marching through Kabul and other cities with the Afghan national flag in hand. While the Taliban have their own white flag with Islamic sayings on it, protestors have recently replaced it with the Afghan national flag at various locations.

Thousands Gather in Kabul Against The Taliban

A video shared on social media shows men and women in Kabul screaming “Our flag, our identity!” to register their protest. One woman marched with an Afghan flag draped across her shoulders, while those walking yelled, “God is greatest!”

During a vehicle parade outside the airport, individuals hoisted long black, red, and green banners to represent the flag.

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Witnesses told Reuters there were bullets fired by the Taliban as they tried to disperse the gathering.

Protesters Resist The Taliban In Eastern Afghanistan

To oppose the Taliban occupation, demonstrators removed the Taliban flag from a square in the eastern Paktia province of Jalalabad and replaced it with the Afghan national flag. One demonstrator was killed as a result of Taliban violence.

Asadabad and Khost, two cities in east of Afghanistan, saw similar sights on Wednesday, according to the Afghan media.

Witnesses told Reuters that several protesters in Asadabad, capital of eastern Kunar province, were slaughtered mercilessly. Participants in the demonstration told Reuters that it was unclear if the deaths stemmed from a rush, Taliban gunfire, or both.

Resistance Against Taliban In The Panjshir Valley

Armed resistance against the Taliban is emerging in the Panjshir Valley north of Kabul, the only area of Afghanistan which is not under Taliban control.

Defense Minister General Bismillah Mohammad and Vice-President Amrullah Saleh in ex-Afghsnistan governement, who declared on Twitter that they are the rightful candidates of the presidential post after President Ashraf Ghani left for the United Arab Emirates, reportedly joined hands with Ahmad Massoud, the son of Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed in combat.

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