Tipu Sultan Party Demands Arrest of Suresh Chavhanke


Controversial TV anchor of Sudarshan TV is again under political radar for making offensive remark against the Meena community of Rajasthan. Suresh Chavhanke who was on live TV when he offended the community for their alleged role in targeting Bhagwa (read Hindutva).

Chavhanke who is infamous for his controversial remarks against Indian minorities said on live TV that “Agar main Meena kahu, to tum kameena samajhna” which translates as “If I say Meena (community), you consider Bastard”.

The Tipu Sultan Party has initiated a hashtag on social networking site Twitter demanding the arrest of TV anchor. Twitterati has clenched the hashtag and amplified the demand of Chavhanke’s arrest.

Mohd Sahil, an independent journalist and media head of Tipu Sultan Party called Cahavhanke a blot in the name of journalism.

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It is not the first time when Suresh Chavhanke have ignited the communal controversy, last year anchor was again in news for doing an offensive show ‘UPSC Jihad’. The concerned show claimed that Muslims are conspiring to take over civil services with the help of terrorist groups. The supreme court had stayed the further episodes of the show.

Screen Grab of Sudarshan TV

Recently, on Hindi Film Industry’s megastar Dilip Kumar’s death, Suresh Chavhanke stoop further down when he alleged that Dilip Kumar misused the Hindu name (Dilip) for getting fame and money.

The Tipu Sultan Party has requested the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot to shut down the Chavhanke’s news channel Sudarshan TV and questioned their silence over the matter.

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