Twitter: This Is Why Mayawati Is Trending


Dalit leader Ms. Mayawati is trending on Twitter due to her recent attack on Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his party.

Twitter: This Is Why Mayawati is Trending
Twitter: This Is Why Mayawati is Trending

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Saturday alleged that Mayawati did not contest the Uttar Pradesh election because of the fear of the CBI, ED, and Pegasus.

While speaking at a book launch Mr. Gandhi said, “You must have seen that Mayawati did not contest the UP election.  We had sent Mayawati a message saying, let’s form an alliance, and you’ll be the Chief Minister.  She didn’t say anything. Those individuals, such as Kanshi Ramji… I hold him in high regard. They dedicated their blood and sweat to bringing the Dalit voice to the fore in Uttar Pradesh… It’s a different issue that Congress has experienced losses as a result of it… Mayawati, on the other hand, has stated that she would not fight for that voice.”

Mayawati Reacts

Reacting to Mr Gandhi’s allegation, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh said, “can’t set its own house in order but is taking potshots at BSP”, NDTV reported.

Mayawati adding to her comment said that Rahul Gandhi should focus more in the election defeat rather than on “these petty issues”.

“Before making such remarks, the Congress must ponder a hundred times. They have been unable to defeat the BJP, but they continue to take potshots. Congress has done nothing, both when it was in power and when it was not”, she continued.

Mayawati said that even Rajiv Gandhi, the late father of Rahul Gandhi, sought to discredit her Bahujan Samaj Party.

“Priyanka Gandhi is now doing the same, claiming that I am terrified of the ED and other investigative organizations. This isn’t the case at all. They should be aware that we have fought and won all of these matters in the Supreme Court,” she continued.

Indian National Congress had fought the Uttar Pradesh election solo under the leadership of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. In the election, Congress conceded a tragic defeat and could barely manage to win two seats.

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