US Troops Shoot Two Afghans at Kabul Airport

US Troops point gun at Afghans

US troops shot two reportedly armed men dead at Kabul airport where a desperate throng was trying to leave the country which has fallen to the Taliban’s hands on Sunday.

A defence spokesperson confirmed the shooting of two Afghan men but it was not clear whether they were associated with the armed group or not.

“There have been security incidents at the field involving armed individuals shooting at U.S. forces. I want to reiterate that while our mission is not offensive, our forces have the inherent right of self defense, and they will respond accordingly to threats and attacks,” the Pentagon spokesperson told media on Monday.

“So, in two separate incidents, U.S. forces did respond to hostile threats that resulted in the death of two armed individuals”, he added.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the two reportedly armed men approached the US troops while they were engaged in evacuation process at the Hamid Karzai airport in Afghanistan.

A US defence official also confirmed that at least three people were killed after an American military jet ran over them while taking off.

Another US official said that at least seven Afghan civilians were killed in the chaos erupted the Taliban took over.

Video surfacing on social media shows that a desperate crowd was running along the tarmac at the Kabul airport trying to catch the flight.

Some of them can be seen falling off the plane as it took off.

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