What Happens to the Personal Assets of Queen Elizabeth II?


Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland aged 96 leaving behind the palace in Scotland after 70 years of reign.

Forbes values her investments, real estate, jewellery, and more at $500 million. The royal family was valued $88 billion in 2017.

The British Monarchy was worth $88 billion in 2017, according to Brand Finance.

Forbes estimates the Queen’s assets, art, jewellery, and real estate are worth $500 million in 2021.

The queen’s real net worth is a secret. The Guardian claimed last year that the queen pressured the British government in the 1970s to hide her private wealth from the public, saying it would be embarrassing.

Brand Finance estimated in 2017 that the Monarchy’s value had risen “every year” since 2012. Royal Estate, Royal Collection (including crown jewels), and other assets total $88 billion.

King Charles III will inherit majority of the fortunes of Queen Elizabeth II.

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